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SEKRITS revealed!

Thanks to the WebMonkey’s hours and hours of hard work (and yes, I did some, too!), I can now unveil our exciting SEKRIT project. Drumroll, please….

We’re moving!

But not very far. Ktliterary.com is migrating over to WordPress from Movable Type. What does this mean for you, my devoted readers?

  1. If you visit the site frequently, simply go to https://ktliterary.com to figure out the new navigation. The old page addresses have changed slightly, though the site as a whole uses the same basic navigation scheme.
  2. Related to #1: If you happen to know of a link out there on the Internets to a specific main page (such as submissions.html, or daphne.html), you can simply drop the .html part — for example, https://ktliterary.com/daphne.html is now just https://ktliterary.com/daphne.
  3. Also, the links to specific posts I’ve made have changed. This was pretty much unavoidable (the Webmonkey has his simian limits), but if you know the title or content you’re looking for, the Search bar at the top-right of any of the pages will help you out.
  4. The big one: if you follow the site via a newsreader, the feed address has changed. The new feed address is https://ktliterary.com/feed/.

All in all, this is a pretty positive upgrade for us, and gives the site some added functionality now, and a LOT more flexibility in the future:

  • You can now ‘subscribe’ to individual posts and get notifications whenever anyone responds.
  • If you really want to keep your finger on the pulse of the site, you can simply use your newsreader and subscribe to a feed of all the comments being made on the site. (For that matter, every category on the site pretty much has its own custom newsfeed.)
  • Social Networking: WordPress lets us plug into any number of social networks, which means easily sharing our ‘stuff’ with pretty much any other network out there.
  • It’s pretty.

It’s also under construction, so please please do comment and let us know if you run into anything that’s not working as expected.


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