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querymanagementFellow literary agent Colleen Lindsay has once more spread the word for a day of tweeting about queries — no longer to go by the less-than-enthusiastically-received moniker of “queryfail”, today’s look at our queries is to be known as “Queryday,” and will be hashtagged appropriately.

Honestly, I debated whether or not to participate this time. I have a sizable stack of queries to get to, so the timing is right (sheer percentages indicate that the more queries I have to look at, the more likely some of them will be far off-base or otherwise lessons for others), but that also means a lot of work I should be doing instead of tweeting. There’s also the fear of yet another AgentFail backlash, but I have no control over that. The most I can do — and what I will be doing — is to take my liveblog of my queries to Twitter.

Now, those of you who follow me already will be pleased to know I’m not going to tweet EVERY SINGLE QUERY. Why? A) it takes a lot of time, and not every query is going to give me something useful to say that would help others improve their own query. B) it gets annoying to followers to see a stream of tweets filling up your homepage when you’re probably also trying to stay in touch with family, friends, and other people.

As per Colleen’s rules for the day, I’m also going to be answering questions about publishing — both those sent directly to me at @DaphneUn, and those posted to any agents participating in #queryday.

So strap in for some educational posting (with a small side of snark), and let’s go!

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