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More Love for our Band Geek

thumb_bandgeekedoutNotwithstanding a few spoilers, we love this review of Band Geeked Out from a teen reader and member of the Teens Know “Best” YA Galley Group of St. Paul, MN, as it appeared in the School Library Journal:

This story isn’t a fairytale story about how wonderful high school is — the characters have legitimate problems, nothing works out according to plan, and some relationships don’t work out. In other words, it’s like real life, and that’s a perfect reason to read it.

… The characters were the most compelling part of the book. Bloss has a definite knack for characterization, creating a group of teenagers that seem too life-like to be fake and a realistic pair of parents.

There’s more on the SLJ site if you’d like to read the whole thing, but beware of a major plot spoiler at the end of the review. Congrats, Josie!