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I may have been a tad bit premature…

In announcing on Monday that I was “back.” Suffice to say, my meetings on Tuesday and travel on Wednesday kept me a little too busy to sit down and craft a blog post.

Which I’m truly sorry about, what with Maureen Johnson’s “Blog Every Day in April” initiative, at which I ALREADY failed! But unlike some authors who need to create an internet phenomenon just to keep them blogging, I already try to blog every day (well, every work day), and feel bad when I don’t.

If it’s a consolation, I had some brilliant things I was going to blog about, like a wonderful book I read on the flight home to Denver (which I will pull out in a Recent Reads post following this one), some of the hilarious posts threw up for April Fools Day, and #agentfail, which others have already discussed in more detail. Given Elana’s reaction, and others that I’ve heard, I’m not going to sit and read the full comment thread on the original post. I know I do my best every day to be the best agent I can be, knowing that that “best” isn’t going to be right for every author. And honestly, I’m fine with that.

And how could I have let the pub day of Band Geeked Out slip by! What if Josie Bloss got another tattoo and I missed it?

I’d be heartbroken, that’s what.

So I just won’t let that happen again. What else have I missed while I’ve been AFK?

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