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Also About Queries

querymanagementSo Friday ended up being a very successful Queryday on Twitter, and, I hope, a very informative one, too! Fellow Colorado literary agent Rachelle Gardner shared , but I’m going to go a slightly different route, since most of my advice is helpfully archived here. (You can also click on the word “advice” in the tag cloud below.)

kt literary client Maureen Johnson has shared her impression of a great query letter on her blog, and you should really check it out!

A small, really very minor caveat about her advice, though: it’s all wrong. But you’re smart — you knew that, right? So the question is: can you come up with a worse query letter? How many querying rules can you break? Post ’em in the comments! The very worst query letter you come up with will win a copy of Josie Bloss‘s recent release Band Geeked Out!

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