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The (mis)adventures of Daphne Unfeasible


Hullo all, Webmonkey here.

Rexroth rattled my cage to let me know that Daphne’s hit a few technical speed bumps on the way to the overseas book fair. It turns out that the “World” phone that she got from her carrier is more of a “whirled” phone (in other words, someone may or may not have flushed it at some point, then returned it) — at last tally, the P, Q, A, and Backspace weren’t working, and neither is the key that allows you to access any and all punctuation.

What this means is that her presence on Twitter and Facebook is limited to somewhat cryptic, morse-code-like communications, and any kind of intelligible email communication or blog posting via the phone is right out.

She can still read everything, though (at least so far), so drop her a message in the comments (or @DaphneUn on Twitter, or Daphne Unfeasible on Facebook), and I’ll see if Rex and I can’t dig up some some conversation topics for the next week or so.

Ook ook.

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