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Submissions Closed — for a little while

Not forever, just until I get back from my trip. As I mentioned in my live-blog yesterday:

Please consider that any queries sent between March 19th and April 1st will not be looked at until April 2nd, at the earliest. I would consider it a great kindness if you just held off on any submissions during that period, and waited until April 2nd to email them.

I will do my best in the next two days, before I leave for Europe, to get through the rest of the queries currently on my plate, after which I won’t have the opportunity to respond to anyone until April 2nd, at the earliest.

I’m also going to be taking a break from my daily updates of this blog, although I will be tweeting on the road, and those tweets do get shuffled over to Facebook as well. There may be occasional posts here, but nothing regular.

What will you be doing while I’m gone?

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