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I did a little happy dance this weekend*, when I opened a box to find brand-spankin’-new copies of S. Terrell French‘s debut Operation Redwood. Now, this won’t be available to buy until next month — on Earth Day, appropriately — but you can check out this great review of it from California children’s book expert Richie Partington here. A quote:

French employs the cleverness of Konigsburg and the reverence of George in a hijinx-laden activist tale of two boys and a girl who plot to protect a privately-owned grove of old growth redwoods from being clear cut by a corporation. […] OPERATION REDWOOD will surely get some kids wondering how much of Earth’s fragile beauty and diversity future generations will be required to experience as no more than a figment of the imagination. Hopefully Julian, Danny, and Robin’s take-charge, good-hearted activism will rub off on readers and have them thinking about speaking their own minds when they are faced with the destruction of their natural inheritance.

More great reviews to come soon, I’m sure!
*Specifically, I held one up to Rexroth and sang, “Lookie, lookie, new bookie!”

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