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New client!

Ok, who took the day? It was right here in front of me a minute ago, I swear, and now it’s gone. Fess up. Was it you?
Well, it’s gone now. I hope someone somewhere is putting it to good use. I was all set to make some exciting announcements, too, like the expansion of the kt literary stable of authors — wow, ok, sorry guys, that makes you sound like ponies. Where was I?
Right! Please welcome Amy Spalding, author of the debut novel Ink Is Thicker Than Water! This is a contemporary YA novel with a an incredibly natural feeling non-nuclear family. And that’s all I’ll say until the Publishers Marketplace blurb! Except this — for all the interest in paranormals, I still believe there’s a strong market for contemporary YA — something a teen can read and see themselves in, without needing to suspend their disbelief. Like Maureen Johnson, E. Lockhart, and a lot of Meg Cabot.
Who are some of your favorite contemporary teen novelists?

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