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I’m debating…

…A no-snail-mail queries policy here at kt literary. As it stands right now, I do get the bulk of my queries from email, but every once in a while, I notice the pile of unread hard copy queries to go through, that unfortunately sit and sit and sit. My promise of a response within two weeks applies only to email queries, and with those coming fast and furious, it’s only when I’m caught up on them that I can spare the time to look at a snail-mail query. And I can think about the last year’s worth of those submissions, and realize that not a single one has led to a partial request.
My submissions page here on the site is pretty clear about my preference for email (a direct quote: “If you have a luddite’s aversion to email, perhaps we’re not the best agency for you.”), so I’m usually only talking about a dozen or so queries a month. But still… think of the trees. And the stamps. And the time.
Given how my business is run, do I want clients who either can’t use email, or chose not to out of some perverse stubbornness? Your thoughts?

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