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I’m back!

Ok, not really, but I’m back in the States, and taking meetings this week with US editors, instead of international publishers. Which is a bit of a switch in my mind, really, since for the last week I’ve been talking about translation rights to books I’ve already sold in the US, and now I’m talking about books which I’m submitting for US publication. Needless to say, they’re different books.

But about that week in Italy…

There’s been a lot of talk online and among publishing folk as to how Bologna was quieter this year, and I guess others would know more than I — as it was my first year, I couldn’t really judge its relative size. There were very few US editors in town, but it certainly seemed as if most of the Europeans were there. Partly that’s because the European markets are, for the most part, not feeling the same recession we are. I’ve certainly sold Alyson Noel‘s Evermore around the world — 8 territories so far, with offers in two more, including one that came in at the fair (Very exciting!).

After hearing how other agents hated the look of the Rights Center last year, I had nothing to complain about this year — it was bright and sunny, with fresh flowers lining the aisle. Actually, that’s not entirely true — we discussed how they could improve the snack bar next year with the addition of more sweets, especially in the afternoon. But here’s a peek:
The best part of the week was having the time to sit and catch up with fellow agents and publishing colleagues. It sounds like it’s all fun, and it mostly is, but for us, luckily, fun is also work. That’s why I love my job.

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