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Ask Daphne! About Women’s Fiction

A little pink plaid for Amy Sue, who asks:

I’m weeks away from querying agents. I checked your site and saw your authors, it seems like they all write YA, yet your submission guidelines say you like “witty women’s fiction.” Have you sold women’s fiction — is that an area you want to get into? Just curious in Chicago, with fingers crossed. (So hard to type this way).

Relax the fingers, Amy Sue. In fact, the first book I worked on with Alyson Noel was women’s fiction — her novel Fly Me to The Moon, which St. Martin’s published in 2006. In addition, Catherine Cheek‘s novel on submission is women’s fiction, with a dash of fantasy, while Katya Lezin is working on a classic women’s fiction in the Jodi Picoult vein. I even spent part of last weekend at a RWA conference, sponsored by the Indiana chapter!

The fact is, I love reading women’s fiction, and I’m finding some interesting crossover between YA romance and women’s fiction. I’m still not interested in category romance, but if you can honestly imagine your novel with a trade paperback or hardcover publication, then sure, I’d be happy to take a look at it. It’s a good question though, because “interest” doesn’t necessarily equal “experience.” In my case, it’s a little bit of experience, and a lot of interest — especially in expanding that experience!

And apologies for the lateness of today’s post. Here’s a YA themed song to make it up to you!

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