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On the Anniversary of your Birth…

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Hullo all! WebMonkey here, with a quick note.

One year ago today, ktliterary laid claim to a few of the tubes that make up the Internets and hung out a publishing industry shingle.  As designated webmonkey (said title actually bestowed by one of the first commenters on this site), I had a small hand in the creation and upkeep of the website, but let me make something clear — the hard work, the boundless optimism, the sharp literary eye, the positive energy, and most of all the vision — that’s all Daphne; the kind of boss who takes “Unfeasible” as a compliment and a challenge.

Anyway, I wanted to sneak on here and post a little Ook Ook cheer (and a shoe-shaped cake).  Hop into the comments and join me, why dontcha?

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