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Linkapalooza time again!

Double entry today, since the links are piling up fast and furiously. So let’s get right to it!
Check out Orange Coast Magazine’s profile of Alyson Noel, whose latest YA novel Evermore is enjoying its third week on the NY Times bestseller list. Woot! If you want a sneak peek at Blue Moon, the next book in the series, you can see the cover on my clients page or on Alyson’s blog.
Alyson’s not the only kt literary author with cool things going on. Check out Readingjunky’s review of S. Terrell French‘s debut Operation Redwood.
And Trish Doller was interviewed by Juvenescence, who admired her ability to taking slacking to a whole new level!
Other fun stuff on the interwebs: The Writer’s Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s Blog has a great post up about approaching agents via social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. The anonymous agent’s answer to a Facebook friend request from an aspiring writer is almost word-for-word similar to my own response to such requests. (Although not Daphne’s response. Daphne loves friend requests, and accepts all!)
Then, Gawker has a post up about the settlement between Google and the Author’s Guild. If you think you might be affected, be sure to read the whole thing.
And speaking of the Author’s Guild, they’ve been making a lot of noise recently about the Kindle 2’s text-to-speech application. Check out several prominent authors’ positions on the brouhaha: Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman, John Scalzi, and Wil Wheaton. (Yes, I’m counting Wil as a prominent author. What ya gonna do about it?)
What news have you seen worth sharing?

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