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In Which We All Learn a Lesson From Rexroth

As you may recall, Rexroth (aka, my husband) is a writer, like so many of you. He comes from an indie culture background, and has strong and exciting opinions about the publishing world, on many topics. Just today, he shared a plethora of exciting links that I, for my part, wanted to share with you. Because I think they’re pretty darn interesting, too.
First, a funny blog from England on how NOT to approach booksellers with your self-published book. Key quote:

You started explaining the plot of your book and you’d only been talking for a couple of minutes — not even up to the bit with the anaemic vampire – when she took it out of your hand and said she’d have a look at it when she had time. When you turned round there were quite a few people in the queue and they must have heard you talking about it — in fact, you’re convinced that they’re probably asking the “owner” (hah!) to order them copies right now.

Then, the flip side — actual useful information not just for self-published authors, but for ANY author, on how to approach your local bookstore about your book.
Beyond that, check out Publetariat, a blog for people who publish. Yes, there’s a lot of focus on self-published authors and “micropublishers”, but again, there’s some incredibly useful information on marketing that’s worthwhile for ALL published writers, like this post on making your own book trailers.
Finally, Rexroth is grabbing some really interesting news off his Twitter feed from the Tools of Change conference, and he shares his thoughts. One of the most popular things he’s hearing? “Going forward, the most successful books will be as much about community as about content.”
As a writer, what are you doing to promote community?
Note: Image of Rexroth is purely an artist’s rendering, and should not be assumed to represent a likeness.

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