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Grrrr… Argh….

You may have heard about Quirk Books‘ upcoming zombie retelling of Pride and Prejudice, but did you know Maureen Johnson did it first? GalleyCat has the story.
In random, other news (and because I need to close some tabs), John Scalzi a while ago posted an update to his now-classic “Ten Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing.” This one, “On Teens, and The Fact Their Writing Sucks” includes ten of the most popular arguments teens put up on John’s original post, with his clever refutations. It’s worth a read for all young wannabe authors.
And a reminder — no one’s saying teens shouldn’t write. On the contrary! Write like the wind! But be aware that with maturity, your writing will improve, and publication need not be a goal before you get into college. Ok? Ok!

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