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Free Fiction! Also, superheroes!

Hate waiting for yet-to-be-released books by your favorite kt literary clients? (It’s ok, I know you do.) Well, here’s a special free story just for my readers — and everyone else on the internet. Catherine Cheek’s short story “Waiting Room at the Hero League” is online now at Big Pulp. As you may remember from my previous boasting posts, Catherine also had a short story in John Joseph Adams’ anthology The Living Dead, which is eligible for a Hugo Nomination.
And if you love superheroes — and who doesn’t? — you can also swoon over the Amazon pre-order page for Powerless by Matthew Cody, another kt literary client. I’m expecting ARCs any day now.
So, to continue a theme, I’m curious — who’s your favorite superhero? As I’m still reliving Oscar night, I will admit to a certain fondness for an adamantium-infused Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Yummy.

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