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Confusion Begone!

Even tried to figure out just where in the big scheme of the publishing world Poppy fits in? Or how First Second relates to Square Fish, and who Schwartz, Wade, Balzer and Bray are? Well, though Rexroth has been asking me for a while to draw up a map to keep track of all the publishing world’s imprints and how they relate to one another, I’m delighted to announce that I no longer have to! PublishersMarketplace has gone and done it for me.
Now, that’s likely a page you need a subscription to look at, so I will surmise. In a clear, clean layout, PM has listed all the major publishing companies, with the ability to expand each listing to show their divisions, and within each division, to show imprints. And because they’re PM, and they can do this, they also let you (again, if you have that subscription), click on each imprint’s name and see their recent acquisitions, as well as a breakdown of which editors were involved.
Genius, I tell you, genius!
PM also touts that they’ve “added ‘relationship tracking’ throughout Top Dealmakers for all Editors and Agents. So any individual page shows the most-frequent editors and imprints (or agents and agencies) that someone does business with.” Which is also pretty neat.
I don’t know any agent or editor in publishing who doesn’t use PM in some capacity or another every day. As an author attempting to learn more about the industry, one single $20 monthly subscription to the site and to its daily email of news will help you learn more about the world you want to be a part of than almost any other site I can think of. I’m not saying you need to keep up a subscription, but consider paying for one month before you begin your querying process, and I think you’ll find it goes smoother, and with better results.
Agree? Disagree? What other sites do you recommend?
P.S. The graphic above is the most confusing flow chart I could find in a quick Google Image source. It is the Universal Comedy Flow Chart.

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