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Award Winners

My devoted readers may have noted with dismay my lack of a post on Friday. Sorry about that! To make it up to you, please enjoy this special Sunday night, post-Oscars blog post!
First of all, as a musical theatre geek, I may be one of the few who just about loved Baz Luhrman’s “The Musical Is Back” production number. And I can live with that. But I think many other may agree with me in loving the new format for presenting the awards to the nominated actors. To have a chance to see five previous winners, and for each of them to sing out to the talents of this year’s nominees — well, I just think it made for a much more meaningful award ceremony.
And it made me wonder — what if the ALA gave out their awards in the same way? So here’s you chance to imagine your big moment. Take a look at the previous winners for the Newbery, Caldecott, and Printz Awards, and tell me — if you were to win one, which 5 previous winners would you want to congratulate you on stage?
For my (unwritten) YA novel, I’d love to be presented with my Printz award by Terry Pratchett, John Green, Margo Lanagan, Peter Dickinson, and E. Lockhart. (I chose some honor award winners because the Printz awards don’t go back as far as the Newbery or Caldecott.) Your turn!

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