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“Were there monkeys? Some kind of terrifying space monkeys?”


Hullo all, WebMonkey here.

Unfeasible Enterprises is currently under attack from my evil simian twins: connectivity-wrecking internet baboons that do horrible things like cut DSL speeds to a limping crawl and fling Ping-rates at innocent passerby.

Needless to say I (fearless WebMonkey, ook) am doing battle with these Sinister Sysop Simians, and we should have the Unfeasible Offices back online in… you know… a few days.  Probably.

Daphne is currently headed to a Remote Emergency Bunker (location undisclosed, but I’m told they have good tea), and will be online soon.

In the meantime, how about some music?

((Also: a shiny non-prize to the first person to identify the source of the quote in this post’s title.))

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