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Things Forgotten and Best Forgot

Just went through another pile of queries and it sometimes amazes me the simple things that queriers don’t do. Is it that hard to personalize your email? To make sure your book’s title actually appears in your query? I know I throw a lot of information up here on the blog, and I don’t expect people who are querying me to read every word I’ve ever written (some of them — like that Sweet Valley High rip-off novel I wrote in middle grade, about a dancer and the guy she liked named Lance — are totally stink-o), but don’t blithely ignore the easy-to-find submission guidelines and list of genres I’m looking for, ok?
Sorry — rant over. But to run off on my little tangent there, I know I’ve spoken in the past about teen writers, and have advised them to keep writing and keep practicing your craft — it’ll only get better. My own earnest teen flailings can speak to that. But what do YOU have stuffed in a drawer in your desk? Or on an old floppy disk? Remember those? (Man, I feel old.)
My little dancer novel — I want to say it was called “To Whisper Dreams” or something similarly swiffy — actually got all typed out somewhere, but there’s loads more in a couple of black-and-white composition notebooks. What do you have hidden, and would you ever consider taking another stab at it with the benefit of the intervening years?

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