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Putting Down a Book

Of the many books I listed before the holidays, some I didn’t get to, some I finished, but only one did I start and put down less than halfway through, unmotivated to continue by what I felt were cold characters and a narrative style that seemed unduly remote. I didn’t love making that decision. I’ll stop reading a manuscript halfway through with nary a second thought if I know I don’t love it, but that’s also about making a decision to represent a project. But a finished book? Well, some other agent already loved it and sold it to an editor, who got her whole team involved to publish the book. So who am I to say it’s bad?
Now, I know, intellectually, that my label of “bad” is a purely personal one. Easier to say, perhaps, that it just wasn’t for me, even if others have loved it, even if I liked the author’s previous title(s).
Still, I feel like I quit, and I hate that feeling. But my time’s too valuable to me, even on vacation, to keep reading something I’m not enjoying.
So help make me feel better — what books have you put down as not for you despite others’ acclaim for them?

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