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Ask Daphne! About Numbers

Friend of the blog J.O. writes:

I have a question for your blog. It is a formatting question which, sadly, has me pulling out my hair. One of my manuscripts has a lot of numbers. With some instances, such as time, dates and measurements, I know the standard for formatting. However, when I come to other instances, it seems as though there is a variety of ‘standards’. For example, to write out 288 as ‘288’ or ‘two-hundred and eighty-eight’. I know this may sound anal, but it’s begun to drive me crazy. Is there is a ‘standard’ in publishing? For example, do they use APA for numbers in fiction publishing or is it a ‘whatever works’ and ‘looks good’ sort of situation? Do you have preferences as an agent?

You know, there may be a Strunk and White-esque standard, but here’s my thoughts. In dialogue, feel free to use 288 rather than spelling it all out. If we’re talking about using a number in narrative, consider the voice you’re using. An omniscient narrator may spell out the whole number, but if your 16-year-old protagonist is also the narrator, then again, I think 288 is fine.
Honestly? Go with what looks good and feels right to you. I think little details like this are for the copy editor to correct if need be. Leave your hair alone!
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