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And… we’re back!

Sling back, to be specific! Did everyone have a great holiday? I read a bunch of the books I’d hoped to read, though not as many as I planned. I also got to spend time with family and friends, sometimes even WHILE I was reading. Crazy, I know.
Also crazy — Daphne Unfeasible has gone and gotten herself a Facebook account! So if you want to follow the blog on Facebook, or keep in touch with Daphne, our clients, and other authors and writers like yourself, send off a friend request! Here’s one link, or you can just search for “Daphne Unfeasible” on Facebook.
More later — look for another live blog of my queries this week, and thanks to all who completely disregarded my request and sent queries off during the holiday break. I’ll get to you after I respond to the patient people who read and followed my instructions.

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