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ALA Wrap-Up

First, of all, hooray for Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book winning the Newbery Award!! I was really impressed, not just with the award winners, but also with some of honor books, particularly for the Printz Award. Check out the whole list of winners online here.
The conference was, on a whole, (and to quote from a teen reviewer who spoke) “really really really great.” Unfortunately, I came down with a bit of a cold, so I’m going to leave you — just for today — with some thoughts from other bloggers. Enjoy!
The Teen Session at BBYA from the Bowen Press blog
ALA Midwinter 2009 from The Blue Rose Girls blog
Neil Gaiman’s reaction to his win.
And Fuse Number 8’s liveblog of (some of) the awards.
What did you think of the awards?

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