What a Day!

December 3rd, 2008 • Kate

Wow — what a crazy day in publishing. Others have already summed up better than I, but in brief, the day after Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s publisher abruptly quit (and the week after their strange announcement of an acquisitions freeze), GalleyCat reports “a lot” of other firings in house. But that’s not all. Simon & Schuster eliminates over 35 positions, and Random House reorganizes their imprints, with some top names leaving the company.
Shock waves are bouncing around the industry. So let’s try to think about some happy thoughts, shall we? Like this interesting article on avatars, like your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace profile picture. What does yours say about you? Mine hopefully says I’m a little off-kilter with a sense of humor and a bright personality.

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One Response to “What a Day!”

  1. G Ellington Says:

    Do you think with all this reorganizing of different publishing companies, most other publishing places will do the same?
    The economy is down, so what does that say to aspiring writers? Maybe self-publishing isn't such a bad idea as long as we have strong outsourced editors, i.e., maybe a layedoff editor?
    What do you think?