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Suddenly, it’s the holidays!

Rexroth woke me very suddenly this morning, from a pleasant dream of cashmere hoodies and comfortable peep-toe pumps, in order to announce a blizzard moving across the land. Well, ok, not “the land” in general, but more specifically, where we’re trying to get for Christmas. So, in order to avoid any holiday movie moments such as being stuck in a dingy roadside motel for four days, celebrating the holidays with a gasoline-scented Christmas tree and a motel clerk named “Otis,” we may be heading out early. Which gives today, my last day in the office for two weeks, a sense of urgency. In the sense of “oh my god I have so much to do, how am I ever going to get it done?!?!?!”
So, we may not have the full breath of robo posts I’d hoped for in the next two weeks, but I can at least give you some of the news that I’ve been collecting. As there’s a theme here about blizzards, let’s talk about Let It Snow, shall we?
Fyrefly’s Book Blog reports

What is that strange sensation? Ah yes, that must be the melting of the frozen cockles of my cold, dead heart. Because: Aww! Let it Snow was a wonderful quick little post-finals, pre-Christmas read; a perfect mix of humor and charm and realistic teenagers and snappy dialogue and romance that is heartwarming without being cloying or saccharine.

And YALSA, which had previously posted a longer review, adds Let it Snow to a list of must-have collections and anthologies.
But wait! There’s more! blogs

The authors managed to make this generic suburban town (in which the main settings are people’s homes and cars, a Waffle House, and a Starbucks) feel as quirky and lovingly created as something out of Garrison Keillor.

Finally, don’t miss Books With Wings’ post about Let it Snow. It’s actually snowing ON THE PAGE!
And that’s it for me for the year. Thanks to all my authors, readers, and commenters for making this year such a brilliant kickoff for kt literary. Happy Holidays to you and all of yours. Stay warm and safe inside, with a great book.

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