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On the Seventh day of Christmas Vacation

Seven Swans A-SwimmingDaphne took a tour through the archives, and thought you might want a refresher on the categories I use here. Or, ok, if I’m being honest, the Web Monkey told me I was using a category tag incorrectly, so I had to go through and retag something like a hundred entries, and so I’m putting this list up as a reference for my future self.
Hello future self! Which did you end up with: a Blackberry Storm or a Blackberry Curve? Do tell!
So, my categories:

  • Ask Daphne! – This is, obviously, where all your questions and my answers get posted.
  • Bloggy Bits – Updates from the web Monkey or specific news about the site, aka, the blog. It makes sense NOW, I suppose.
  • Events – Where I’ll be, or where I’ve been.
  • News – Articles about my authors, their books, or me. Not as full as it could be, since some fo the above got sorted as Slush.
  • Recent Reads – My thoughts on recent (published) books I’ve read.
  • Sales – Wow, I kinda forgot this was a category. It’s supposed to be where I post sales of kt lit authors’ books, but it’s pretty sparse. I’ll remember to use this going forward — I’m sure we’ll have lots of fab sales to report in the New Year!
  • Shoes
  • Slushpile – This is where I should put random stuff that doesn’t fit in other categories, not in Bloggy Bits, which I was doing. Whoops!
  • Writer Resources – And finally, helpful links for you guys.

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