I want to hate this…

December 15th, 2008 • Kate

But even though I have some issues with the writer behind it, I think James Patterson’s ReadKiddoRead initiative is a good idea. If half the people who read his thrillers were to look at the site to get an idea of a book to give to a child, the world would be a better place. As long as people use this list in combination with a brilliant bookseller or librarian, I think we can imagine a future where kids get as gifts books that they WANT to read, not ones that someone THINKS they should read. Like something from Mo Willems’ super Pigeon series, the inclusion of which confirms that not all of the books he’s recommending are from his own publisher. The list truly does cover the best from across the industry.
Now can we talk about the picture of Patterson and the zombie child he’s clutching in his claws? And the fact that the logo isn’t downloadable, so I can’t use it to illustrate this post? For shame, web designer!
Do you see any glaring omissions in his choices?

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4 Responses to “I want to hate this…”

  1. Kiersten White Says:

    Ha, yeah, that picture is slightly creepy…
    My kids love the Pigeon books. And my four-year-old (who can't read yet) knows exactly where the Dr Suess section in the library is. I'll have to go over the list later.

  2. Joe Iriarte Says:

    The picture is creepy, but the logo cracks me the heck up!

  3. jeanoram Says:

    Yes. He has glaringly 'forgot' about some of the 'must have' stories. You know, the ones every kid needs to have read to them. Then again, he could be assuming that you've already covered them and he's trying to give coverage on the great little books that aren't always noticed.
    Plus, he has left out the best kid's storyteller ever. Robert Munsch. He rocks! He's goofy. He's my all-time fav. I haven't met a kid who doesn't like him. I used to buy them for the YA library I worked in and the teens used to steal them. He's that good.
    Personally, Captain Raptor wasn't that spectacular and I feel that it was simply added to the list to fill out the 'boys who like dinosaurs and adventure' book. Then again, I'm a girl reading it to a girl, so maybe we didn't 'get it'. 🙂
    There's another one that I thought was called 'The Unfinished Fairy Tale', but I can't find it, I've got it wrong. It's about a prince trying to rescue a princess, but the book's artist isn't done the drawings because the reader is going too fast. In the end, the princess ends up rescuing the prince by riding in on a fish. It's goofy and fun.

  4. lotusloquax Says:

    I'm all for anyone pushing great fun books for our kids to read–things that will get them excited about reading. It's so important for them to like it in the beginning so they will become readers for a lifetime.
    I can't say these are comprehensive lists by any stretch, but the ones on there that I have read are great books, so… More power to him!