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Holiday joy!

I’m in a “Let It Snow” kind of mood — partly because I love snowboots, partly because we got about 6 inches of the powdery stuff last night, and I let Rexroth take the all-wheel-drive vehicle, so I’m happily ensconced in the home office, and partly because there’s more good news to share about Let It Snow! Devoted readers of MJ’s blog will recall a previous brouhaha when a school in Oklahoma tried to ban Maureen’s book The Bermudez Triangle. Well, now Oklahoma has gone and done Maureen a solid, recommending Let it Snow as a great holiday read in NewsOK.
And because I’m in a holiday mood — the Christmas tunes certainly help. How can you be anything but cheery listening to the Barenaked Ladies’ FREE version of “Jingle Bells”? — I’m GIVING AWAY another galley of Let it Snow! Here’s how to enter: rack your brains and your knowledge of Daphne to try to figure out my favorite Christmas movie of all time. First person who gets it right wins a little holiday cheer in the mail. And there’s a hint: for all I love me some “A Year Without a Santa Claus,” the important word is “movie.” Go to town!
And even if you get it wrong, you’ll possibly be introducing me to another great holiday film, or sharing YOUR favorite!

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