December 2nd, 2008 • WebMonkey

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Webmonkey again, wearing a somewhat worn pair of workbooks and a bearing little news about the site.

Those of you keeping up on ktliterary through either the RSS or Atom newsreaders should start seeing a link to each post’s comments in the reader page itself, as well as an up-to-date ‘comment count’, so you know if a particular post has burst into luscious, chocolate-covered conversation.

It’s not exactly a ‘subscribe to this post’ option (that’s currently in the works, but at this moment adding comment subscriptions seems to function as some kind of kryptonite to the Superman of our comment anti-spam code), but hopefully it will let folks stay up to speed on what’s going on with our favorite agent.

Ook ook.

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8 Responses to “Featurettes”

  1. Joe Iriarte Says:

    Wow! Thanks Web Monkey!

  2. Joe Iriarte Says:

    (Incidentally, could I have a pony?)

  3. JenFW Says:

    It makes it easier to comment, too: one click rather than two and less loading time.
    Will we one day be able to comment directly in the news aggregator?

  4. Kate Says:

    Ummmm… maybe? I've never seen that myself, but if the technology is there, the web monkey will find it! He's a rather resourceful simian.

  5. Joe Iriarte Says:

    If Jenn is referring to having comments show up within or attached to the item in the feed reader, I've never seen anything like that. What I have seen is an RSS feed that collects the comments themselves. Here are three blogs I follow that use this:
    (I'll note first, though, that all of these appear to be WordPress blogs, not Movable Type. So while they're examples of being able to follow comments passively, they may not be examples of something that's possible here.)
    Storytellers Unplugged has a feed for all the comments, regardless of which entry they go with. On that site, I find this annoying, because they get a lot of traffic, so I get a lot of comments sent on stuff I'm not following. I don't think the same approach would bother me here, though, because this site doesn't get the same amount of posting traffic (and because entries here are all by the same author, so it's likely I'm following all the conversations anyway).
    Eat Our Brains has a subscription for ALL the comments made on an author's blog, but no apparent way to subscribe to comments made to an individual blog entry. On the other hand, I can follow all the comments made on Steve Gould's blog without having to follow the comments made on the other authors' blogs.
    SFNovelists allows me to subscribe to comments left on specific blog entries, without receiving comments to other entries.

  6. Joe Iriarte Says:


  7. Joe Iriarte Says:

    Ooh! Web Monkey seems to be enabling html code!
    Wait . . . did I mess up that link?
    let's see
    :tests other html tags:
    :gets giddy with power:
    :reins self back in:
    All hail the Web Monkey!

  8. Web Monkey Says:

    Hi Joe,
    The delay to your first post was because it was flagged as possible spam due to having 'too many' external links.
    Also, you're pretty much restricted to bold, italics, underline, and… one external http link per post. Something like that.