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Three more meetings

Getting down to the end of my trip to the New York office (which has mostly been, at least this time, a Cosi on Broadway at 51st Street, just up from Times Square. Free wifi for the win!). Fellow Denver agent Kristin Nelson is also in town (no, we did not plan it that way), and is hearing many of the same things from editors that I am — everyone’s looking for middle grade fiction, particularly boy-oriented, and paranormal is still big, especially for foreign publishers. At the same time, I have heard some editors looking for reality-based teen fiction, which makes me very happy, since I have some exciting stuff I’ve been reading that totally would seem to be perfect for a number of the folks I’ve been seeing.
Have I ever discussed the weird “feeling” I get about a manuscript? Roughly, I sort of know I want to take on a manuscript I’ve been reading when I start talking about it to editors, even if I’m only halfway through. So far on this trip, I’ve done that to two partials. We’ll have to wait and see if the full manuscripts live up to that early promise. If so, I look forward to adding to the kt literary roster of clients!

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