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On Frankfurt and Other International Book Fairs

Fellow lit agent Nathan Bransford is afk right now, but he’s got some great guest posts up on his blog right now, including this one from his Curtis Brown coworker Ginger Clark on attending the Frankfurt Book Fair. A quote:

We’re there from about 9 AM until 6 pm for four days. We do half hour meetings with foreign editors and also meet with our two dozen subagents from around the world. The meetings are themselves 30 minutes each, so that’s about 18 per day.

I quote this partly to hint at what my recent New York trip felt like, but also because I’m looking ahead to the Bologna Book Fair in the spring. Although, yes, Italy in the springtime has much to say for itself, it’s not all pasta and good wine. It’s work. Hard work. A LOT of work.
And hell, yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

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