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Getting Caught Up

On my reading, that is. Not, unfortunately, on my NaNoWriMo novel, which may need to wait until next year to actually count. Rexroth continues very well with his NaNovel, and enjoys reading bits of it out loud to me for my reaction. Luckily, I enjoy hearing them.
But no, I’m pleased to report as of today, Thursday, November 20th, at 7:19pm Mountain time, my unread query pile is completely empty! If you sent me something and have not yet heard back, please check your spam and trash folders, and if my response isn’t caught up in there, do feel free to resend with a note that it is, in fact, a re-submission.
I’m feeling pretty happy about my electronic pile of partials and full, too. Yes, some I’ve had for quite a while, but my ultimate goal is to be completely caught up before the holidays, so if your novel is one I’ve had for a bit, rest assured you’ll be getting a response shortly. I have… let’s see… 8 full manuscripts and 5 partials currently waiting to be read, not counting a few partials I requested today. I’m not guaranteeing a Thanksgiving holiday response to them all, but Christmas is entirely doable.
Where are you guys on your to-do lists, or NaNoWriMo novels?

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