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Dude! So Unfair!

John Scalzi is TOTALLY trying to steal my thunder. Or my Storm, as the case may be. I posted WEEKS ago, that I was desperately in need of the new Blackberry Storm, and what does Johnny-Come-lately-Author go and post today? How HE wants the Storm. I tell you, some authors have no respect!
Of course I’m joking. Mostly. I mean, if John gets a Storm for free through the internets, it’s a win for all of us beggars of new and exciting stuff, right? Look at all the book bloggers out there who like books, write about them, and then get MORE free books. It’s a win/win!
So answer me this — as I’m late in the day with my post and running to yet another meeting, this time with friends — if you could harness the power of the internets to get free stuff, what would you ask for?
P.S. I still totally want a free Blackberry Storm. Please please please please please, Blackberry or Verizon people. I promise to never ask for anything again!
P.P.S. Until the next new and shiny toy comes out. Then I might.

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