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Ask An Editor: The Questions

Ok, guys, we got a lot of great questions for my upcoming trip. Now, as promised, I’m posting what I think are the best or the most popular three questions, and you guys get to decide, in the comments, which one question I’m going to post to each editor I see in NYC in the forthcoming week. Ready? Here goes!
JenFW asks, When editors search the internet for further info about a potential author, what are some things that make an impression, good or bad?
And Margay wants to know, What is the number one thing an author can do to make an editor’s job easier?
Finally, Beth wonders, Cory Doctorow, and now Neil Gaiman, are giving away copies of their books for free online. From an editor’s money-making business point-of-view, is this a good idea? Does it really help sales, as Doctorow suggests? Or does it only work on select cases and with select (or famous) authors?
Let me know which of these three questions you most want answered, and which lucky reader gets a copy of Let It Snow! As for those questions that didn’t make the top three, I’m going to do my best to respond to them between meetings, at least from an agent’s perspective.

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