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Ask An Editor: The Answers (part 3)

All right, gang, here’s the final round of answers to JenFW’s question: When editors search the internet for further info about a potential author, what are some things that make an impression, good or bad?
One editor who says she doesn’t look online for more info unless she already thinks the book is brilliant, only wants to see the most pertinent, useful info: like if the author is a librarian, is local to NYC, or has a huge blog following.
Another is interested to find if an author writes book reviews, which echoes another’s comment, that what’s most attractive is finding an author who’s appreciative of what else is out there in the field.
If your or your agent’s cover letter mentions awards won, editors want to see those awards posted online. Which may give you pause in mentioning awards not known to any but a minuscule group of people.
And finally, always some good advice: don’t rant about being unappreciated and misunderstood!
So, now I turn things over to you! What advice do YOU have for your fellow writers about an online presence?

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