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Another day, another set of meetings

Jen asked on my post yesterday if I’d brought a camera on my trip to NYC, and though I have, I’m not toting it around during my meetings. Why? Because they all look like this — cups of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and conversation. There’s not all that much to see. Yes, sure, I do occasionally take meetings with editors in their offices, but think about where you spend most of your day, or what your work space looks lie — would you really want someone coming in and taking a picture of it to post on the internets? Maybe if I had a chance to clean beforehand, but that’s a lot to ask of a busy editor.
Anyway, I’ve been getting some interesting answers to Jen’s OTHER question, and I’ll look forward to sharing them when I’m back in the office. In the meantime, a poll: of my readers who have blogs or websites, what do you have? Your own domain, or do you use blogger, livejournal, typepad, or something else?

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