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Things That Make Me Happy

readingblanket.jpgkt literary client Lili Wilkinson tipped me off to this post on Inside a Dog from Writer-in-Residence Brigid Lowry. Though our writer friends down under are dealing with Springtime blues, I found the post even more pertinent on this side of the equator, as we get ready for another winter. So with that in mind, what makes you happy? What keeps you going and productive as the days get shorter, nights get colder, and our energy seems to ebb. For me, it’s:

  • Seeing bunnies on the front lawn nibbling on the apples that fell off our tree.
  • Going for a bike ride through changing colors, seeing sights you never see from the road.
  • Curling up under a handmade quilt with a mug of tea and something great to read.
  • Shopping therapy — new fall boots and the softest leather bag I’ve ever owned.
  • Trxie Implausible’s laughter.
  • Telling an author good news.
  • Making up new words, like swexy and screwffly.
  • Ask Daphne! questions — please keep sending them in!

Your turn!

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