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The Nina, The Pina, and the Santa Daphne

Happy Columbus Day, all! It’s not much of a holiday in the publishing world, usually, but because this week is ALSO the Frankfurt Book Fair, it is a little quiet. I’ve been able to keep down my pile of queries, and I was able to get a ton of reading done this weekend, thanks to a cold front that kept me cuddled in an armchair almost all day on Saturday, slippers on, kindle in hand.
But there is more movement afoot! As you can see above, I’m paying tribute to Columbus Day pictorially with a shot of Columbus Circle in NYC. If you ever hear radio stations talking about delays driving into NYC, and giving times, they’re talking about getting to Columbus Circle. So there’s a fun fact for you. I’m ALSO going to be traveling to NYC shortly, and, as usual, while there I’ll Ask An Editor.
Last time, with so many great questions to ask editors, I got a little overwhelmed. You may have noticed no follow-up post with actual answers. (I wasn’t going to mention this failure, but I think it’s best for our relationship if we can be totally honest.) So THIS TIME, I’m only going to ask ONE question. And you guys get to help decide what that’s going to be.
Here’s how it will work. In the comments below, please suggest questions for my next Ask An Editor. If you need some ideas, check out previous posts here and here. You’ve got a whole MONTH to submit questions. On Monday, November 3rd, I’ll post the best or most popular three questions, and you guys get to decide what you most want answered. And it gets even better! The commenter who suggests the question for this round of Ask An Editor gets a free copy of Let It Snow, by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle.
So hit those comments! I’ll do my best to remind you to keep coming back to this post in the next month, and hopefully we’ll get some great questions pouring in.

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