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My open tabs are getting a little out of hand, so let’s clean them up with a bit of tab-closer, shall we?
The Class of 2k8 has an interview up with Ellen Booraem, author of The Unnameables, with a great hint on how to plow through writer’s block. Speaking of which, any writers out there know of other great group blogs for soon-to-be-published authors?
kt literary client Susan Sandmore has another great post up on her blog about Newbery winners. (Click here for the full list.) As a child, do you remember reading any of them? Were there ones that stood out as fun and enjoyable, as well as distinguished and worthy? I actually just recommended 1983 Honor book The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley to a young reader just the other day, and I still love 1979 Medal winner The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin, which is brilliant AND fun.
Then, Children’s Book Insider has a post up about book trailers, which feels a bit behind the times (again) to me, but was worth a mention. What trailers for books have you seen and liked? Or, not necessarily the same thing, what book trailers have you seen that made you want to run out and get the book? The video for Brad Meltzer‘s The Book of Lies is one, even though I didn’t love his previous title, The Book of Fate. And Alyson Noel‘s been doing book trailers for her titles for a while now — check out the trailer for Fly Me To The Moon, published in December 2006.
Ok, my toolbar looks much better. What pages do you have up and open, or have shared with other readers lately?

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