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October 14th, 2008 • Kate

Let’s just be clear here, shall we? I work in publishing. i like WORDS. Numbers are, to put it bluntly, not my friend. And yet, I have this exciting new business, and though yes, I still get to play with words, I ALSO have to understand numbers. My authors like it when I do — when I can tell them what money is coming in from which publisher, and how soon. And to do THAT, I need accounting software to keep track of such things as payments due, etc.
Which is the cause of today’s minor head-explode-arama.
I’m working through it, but it’s a complicated process, not helped by my inability to figure out why I can’t enter invoices into my own system as euros, and then note the payments made in dollars. Veddy confusing, I tell you what. But it will all be worth it when I can take my handy-dandy reports to my business accountant and figure out my taxes, right?
…sigh. To quote Barbie, “Math is hard.” What’s your bete noir? What aspect of your life causes you to slam your head against a blackboard, yet is totally unavoidable? Commiserate here with me for a while, won’t you?

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6 Responses to “Mathy stuff”

  1. dust Says:

    Dealing with breakage/outages.
    I would rather do taxes by hand than cope with car repair, pluming issues, or a computer going down.
    When I started dating Lee, he wasn't in IT, I swear. But boy, every time something fries on my system I am so glad I feel like I ought to burn incense at an altar somewhere.

  2. Shannon Says:

    Well, I like math, and spreadsheets are almost inappropriately exciting. My least favorite must-do is probably small talk at group functions. Getting better at it, but it's an effort.

  3. Kiersten Says:

    Feeding the kids. It's a never-ending cycle of figuring out what they want to eat, cleaning the appropriate dishes, giving them the food, giving them more food, giving them different food because they don't want the serving THEY JUST ASKED FOR, cleaning up the food they threw accidentally or on purpose, cleaning them up, and then getting them to go play. Of course, the whole process takes so long that by the time I'm finally sitting, lo and behold, they want to eat again.
    On the bright side, it requires no math.

  4. Scott Says:

    I'm with you on math. I'm no Beavis and Butthead fan, but I love the line that was playing on commercials for a while: "I hate numbers. There's too many of them and stuff."
    Likewise, I'm no Parrothead, but I like the Jimmy Buffett song "Math Sucks."
    But what do I really not like to do? Let's see, there's the whole picking-up-the-apricots-that-fall-on-the-grass thing. And there are a whole mess of things that you have to do when you work in an office that are annoying and unavoidable, which is what's been great about working at home for the last year, a situation which, sadly, seems to be coming to an end.

  5. Carrie Harris Says:

    Drywall. We have a new house, and father-in-law says, "Hey, let me help you fix your molding." And this became this big huge deal in which he tells me how to drywall and then leaves. I love him, but man. My version of Hell is a never-ending house full of rooms to be drywalled.

  6. jeanoram Says:

    I'm okay with drywall. I'm not okay with my husband not covering up my bookshelf when he decides to drywall. Thanks for the help, honey. I've got your back too. (Says she, holding up the butt seam of his dress pants and a pair of stitch cutters.)
    So, I hate cleaning drywall dust, but that happens rarely, so it doesn't really count. I've gotten used to kids wanting to be fed all the time and leaving crumbs everywhere. (Dust busters and snack cupboards are my friend.)
    I like doing taxes. It's the little forms you get to fill out and see what your return is going to be.
    What really sends me into some crazy loopy rage is recycling. Trying to get the overflowing bin out of the closet and then sorting it pisses me off. However, I have a 'sorting system' now for the paper and I almost have my husband trained, so much less rage now. For example, I haven't thrown any recycling off the back deck in several months! Yay!