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Books, books, and more books

Let’s be honest here: like so many of you, I love to read. I read voraciously. Manuscripts and submissions, yes, but I still have my favorite authors as well that I need to keep up with. When I moved in with Rexroth, we combined our bookshelves (well, some of them), and I discovered a whole other set of books I want to dive into.
So, the question of the day is this: how do you track not just what you want to read, but what you have read? Do you keep a pile next to your bed, or in your office? Do you write down a “to-read” list, but keep the books alphabetically on shelves? Do you use an online library system to track titles, or post your reviews in a blog, etc.?
I’m up to four library books patiently waiting on my bedside table to be read, stacked in front of the new Neil Gaiman, the new Terry Pratchett, a new copy of The Eight, and its new sequel, The Fire. Besides posting my Recent Reads here, I also keep track of them on Amazon.
What about you?

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