All caught up!

October 10th, 2008 • Kate

I spent all day reading queries and responding, but I can finally post and report that I am ALL CAUGHT UP! If you sent a query recently and did not receive a response, please check your spam filter, and if there’s nothing there from me, double-check that you didn’t submit to me previously. I try when I can to resend my previous response to repeated queries, but I can’t always do so.
I’m hoping after this weekend that I can report a similar level of success with my electronic pile of partials. What are YOUR exciting plans for the weekend?

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4 Responses to “All caught up!”

  1. Heidi the Hick Says:

    Just want you to know that I yours was a very polite rejection, and didn't sting as much as some I've gotten. I can't imagine how much work it takes to do your job! Keep up the good work. It's Canadian thanksgiving so I'll be doing some good eatin' this weekend. If the nice weather holds up I'll get some horse time as well. I might even crack open my workbook and do a little writing… maybe…!

  2. jeanoram Says:

    Moi aussi! (Me too!)
    I'm going to be enjoying the ol' pumpkin pie with whipped cream this weekend.

  3. Kiersten Says:

    We took the kiddies to a gorgeous pumpkin patch. It made me feel nice and autumn-y. My other plans this weekend include checking my email obsessively and justifying eating way too many fun-size candy bars, because, after all, it's October!
    I hope your weekend is more fun than it is productive ; )

  4. Shannon Says:

    At a friend's wedding in Schenectady, NY, this weekend. Had something called an apple cider donut yesterday. It was two of my favorite things put together in some fantastic, mysterious way. Hope everyone has a great weekend!