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A Halloween Treat!

It’s another one of my favorite holidays around here, and real quick, before I put on my pirate shoes, purple wig, and run over to Trixie’s school for her Halloween party — I come bearing butterfly wings and homemade cupcakes! — I wanted to share my latest excitement:
New laptop!!
It’s super shiny, and the keys make an awesome clicking noise when I type — but beyond that, I’ve spent the entire day so far making sure all my settings are as near as I can make them to how things were on my old laptop, restoring files, moving stuff around, and reinstalling programs. It’s keeping me busy, in a good way. And I’m sure will continue to do so all weekend as I keep playing around with it — I mean, making sure all of the options are to my specifications.
But I’m curious. When you get a new computer, how much do you play around with the new programs that are on there, and stuff that’s new to you, and how much to you stick to what you know, even if that means getting rid of the factory settings? Sing out in the comments, and don’t forget, you have until MONDAY to leave me a comment here with the question you think I should ask all the editors I’m meeting with in NYC next week!

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