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September 3rd, 2008 • Kate

No pictures, nothing funny, just a link to Maureen Johnson’s latest blog post. Partly on the subject of Bristol Palin and her situation, partly about responsibility and education and being smart enough to know when to ask for more information. Share it with your daughters, your friends, your sisters, your second cousins once removed…Just read it, and I’ll go back to a politics-free blog.

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2 Responses to “Read this.”

  1. Shannyn Says:

    Hi – As someone who taught pregnant and parenting teens at an alternative high school for six years, I LOVED this blog. I think it's fabulous that a YA author isn't afraid to reach out and try to drill some sense into her audience. It was well-written and not offensive. What more could you ask for? (Other than to have all teens read it)

  2. Empress Maeuve Says:

    Thank you for linking to this.