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Ask Daphne! Should I remind her?

Cute shoes with bows to remind you of something for Jeanne, who writes:

A month ago an agent requested my manuscript. I’ll be meeting with this same agent for a pitch session at a writer’s conference this weekend. Should I send the agent an email checking up on the status of my manuscript and mention the up coming meeting? Or should I just go to the pitch session and remind the agent about my manuscript at that time.

I’m gonna say no, although others may disagree with me. You have a perfect opportunity this coming weekend for a face-to-face discussion with the agent. Now, that doesn’t mean you should accost her for her response to your manuscript — in just a month’s time, she very well may not have gotten to it yet. But you can mention it, say you’re looking forward to her reaction, and talk about what else you have going on. I mean, that is why you signed up for a pitch session, right? To talk about your books?
If you send an email in advance, recognizing that there’s not a huge amount of time between now and this weekend, the agent is either going to find your manuscript for a quick review — possibly not giving your manuscript the full attention she might give it without a time crunch — or she might feel stalked, and try to get rid of you as quickly as possible. And yes, there is a third option — you send that reminder, she remembers having read and loved your manuscript but just hasn’t gotten that offer letter off to you yet, and she plans to offer representation in person. You know this is unlikely, right? I mean, yes, there’s a slim chance it could happen, but I say, stick with turning your pitch session into a short, professional interview, wherein you can prove to this agent you have plans for future titles and a sense of professionalism that will take you far.
Good luck!

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