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Reading Client Manuscripts

Sometimes I think I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve got Rexroth, and Trixie, and two of publishing’s cutest dogs, plus some of the greatest clients an agent could ask for. I get to go to fun conferences in great places like San Francisco and enjoy the company of my peers, while sharing my insight on the publishing process with eager authors who welcome my opinions. But that’s not why I feel so particularly lucky today.
No, today I feel lucky because I just finished reading another client manuscript, and it was SO GOOD! The rest of the world may have to wait until February 3rd to read Alyson Noel‘s new novel Evermore, but I already have. Not only that, but I got to read the sequel as well. And let me just say, when you finish these books, you’re going to be salivating for book #3!
Think that’s cool? (I do.) Well, it gets even cooler. I also got to read the sequel to Band Geek Love by Josie Bloss. Band Geeked Out won’t be out until next July, but I get a sweet sneak peek. Oh, and the sequel to Suite Scarlett? Yeah, I read that already, too.
There’s a lot of perks to being in publishing (free books, free books, and oh, free books, mostly) but some of the best are these early peeks at eagerly anticipated books to come. Of course, I eagerly anticipate all of my clients’ books, but every once in a while — like getting an advance reader’s copy of a soon-to-be-bestseller — I get to feel proud and a little bit cooler than usual.
It’s not free popcorn when you work at a movie theatre, but I think I’ll take it! What about you? What’s your favorite perk about your job, whatever it may be?

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