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Ask Daphne! Any chance in the ‘verse?

Since it’s the start of a long holiday weekend, here’s an extra bonus Daphne, and a lovely pair of shoes from shoemaker Poetic License for Marina, who asks:

Lately I find myself gravitating toward YA novels in verse (E. Hopkins, Lisa Schroeder, Kirsten Smith, Sonya Sones are favorites). In fact, I’m more than halfway through writing the first draft of my own YA verse novel, and I’m wondering what you think of them. Are you interested in receiving queries for this type of book? Also, what do editors think of them?

As much as I respect the authors you mention, Marina, I gotta be honest. I’m afraid I’m not the best reader for novels in verse. I can see and respect those who’ve done them well, but I don’t think I can judge their quality for myself. I’d love to be proven wrong, of course. Who wouldn’t?
This is sort of the same reason why I don’t represent picture books. I think it takes a very special eye to look at a picture book manuscript and see a finished book. For a similar reason, I think it takes a special reader to represent or edit a verse novel. I can’t help but want more More MORE! More description, more dialogue, more backstory, more prose.
So do feel free to keep writing that novel in verse. They’re done well in the past, and I think will continue to do well if the story they tell is done well. Which is basically the same as saying if they’re good, they’ll do good. And on that barely-verbalized note, I’ll call it a day.

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