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Advice for Teen Writers

I’ve had occasion in the last few days to recommend this brilliant article by Jon Scalzi to several writers, and figured it was worth sharing with all. It’s a few years old, so you may have seen it already, but it’s a practically timeless piece of advice on writing for teenage writers. An excerpt:

The fact that your writing sucks now only means that your writing sucks right now. If you keep working on it it’ll very likely get better… and then comes the day that you write something that really doesn’t suck. You’ll know it when it happens and then you’ll get why all that time banging out stuff that sucked was worth it: because it’s made you a writer who doesn’t suck anymore.
So don’t worry that your writing sucks right now. “Suck” is a correctible phenomenon.

Well worth reading. I feel like Meg Cabot also had some brilliant advice for young writers, but I couldn’t find the specific bit of it I was looking for on her blog. If anyone has better luck in searching her archives and helping me find what I’m oh-so-vaguely describing, please share it in the comments!

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